Regular Oral Cancer Checks Can Help Save Your Smile & Your Life

At Gifford Family Dentistry in Portland, we are committed to not only educating our patients about the importance of daily dental health habits, but also on the dangers of a series of oral health issues, including oral cancer.

What do oral cancer checks involve?

During your regular checkups, our dentist will visually inspect your mouth, throat, and neck, looking for abnormal lumps, texture changes, growths, patches, etc. Some mouth tissues will also be touched/assessed, and should there be any causes for concern, we may request that X-rays or special test be done to rule out issues.

What are the benefits of periodic oral cancer checks?

There are many! Early detection results in quicker treatment and improved outcomes for oral cancer, and regular checkups can help you become more aware of any changes in your mouth so you're better prepared to seek treatment if the need arises.

Who should undergo regular oral cancer checks?

While patients who are at risk for developing oral cancer should regularly undergo these checks (including those with a family history of the disease, smokers, and heavy drinkers), it’s important that everyone has their mouth professionally examined on a bi-annual basis.

Have you experienced a new and unexplained development in your mouth or throat that hasn’t gone away after two week? Please call us today. We’ll conduct a thorough examination right away!


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