Obtain A More Uniform Smile With Tooth-Colored Bonding

A cosmetic dentistry service provided at Gifford Family Dentistry in Portland, tooth-colored bonding helps renew smile aesthetics by rejuvenating and/or repairing minor chips, discoloration, and tooth imperfections.

What’s involved in this service?

To start, the affected tooth is lightly etched before a bonding agent is applied to ensure strong adhesion. A composite resin that matches the natural shade of your tooth is then applied and shaped. Finally, a specialized dental light is used to harden the material in place before your tooth is polished.

What benefits does tooth-colored bonding offer?

In addition to the fact that this material can help restore or update the appearance of your teeth, this material can be used as an alternative to dental crowns or veneers. It can also be a great choice for those who’d like to quickly and permanently change the shape or size of their teeth.

Who is a good candidate for this cosmetic update?

Most patients who’d like to rejuvenate the appearance of their teeth may be a candidate for this service. However, it's important to speak to our dental professionals about your individual needs and goals before deciding if bonding is the right option for you.

If you're interested in learning more about tooth-colored bonding at Gifford Family Dentistry, contact our dentist in Portland today to schedule a consultation. Our friendly team is here to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted!

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  • Restore your smile's appearance
  • Update the look of chipped or misaligned teeth
  • Address staining & discoloration issues
  • Experience a quick & easy cosmetic update
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