Regain Your Speaking Confidence With Bad-Breath Treatment

Bad breath, or halitosis, is a common oral issue that can be embarrassing, affect your confidence levels, and also lead to oral health problems. At Gifford Family Dentistry in Portland, we provide a range of treatments to determine the cause of bad breath while also helping patients take steps to eradicate this issue.

What causes bad breath?

Often caused by poor dental hygiene, gum disease, or dry mouth, the issue can also be linked to a patient’s dietary choices and certain health conditions, including respiratory infection, diabetes, liver or kidney disease, and more. Once our team examines your mouth and determines the root cause of your bad breath, we can develop a treatment plan to treat it.

How is bad breath treated?

At Gifford Family Dentistry, we provide a range of treatments to help eliminate bad breath. These include dental cleanings and deep cleanings to remove plaque buildup, fillings and restorations to fix cavities or other issues that may be causing the problem, and regular checkups to ensure your oral health is on track. We also offer special products to reduce odor and freshen breath.

Who can benefit from bad breath treatment?

Anyone who is experiencing chronic bad breath should consider visiting our team for a thorough evaluation and treatment plan.

If you suspect or know you have bad breath, our team is here to help. Call our dentist in Portland today to book your appointment and let’s work together to help you achieve a fresher, healthier smile!


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