Welcome To Gifford Family Dentistry

At Gifford Family Dentistry, everyone on our warm and friendly team is committed to providing you and your family with safe, gentle, and state-of-the-art dental care. We understand that you, or your child, may feel anxious about visiting your Portland dentist for the first time. You are not alone, and everyone on our team makes the effort to ensure you are comfortable and happy every time you visit our office. We are sensitive to your needs as a patient – you can always count on receiving individual attention from Dr. Gifford, Dr. Anderson, and the entire team at Gifford Family Dentistry. Your first – and every – visit is all about you, your comfort, your happiness, and your dental health.

Front Desk

Your medical history is an important part of your dental visits. Why? Because certain medications and health conditions can impact your oral health and how we manage your treatment needs. If you’d like, prepare for your first visit by completing our patient intake forms.


Used to check for issues and to establish a baseline for future care, digital diagnostic equipment is adjustable to emit up to 90% less radiation than with film x-rays and it’s much more environmentally friendly. We also use a small pen-sized camera – called an intraoral camera – so that we can show you what we see when we examine your mouth. It’s an amazing tool that gives you great insight into your dental treatment plan.


Meet Dr. Gifford or Dr. Anderson and discuss your personal oral health needs and desires.  After your dental and medical health history forms, radiographic x-rays, and dental exam are completed and reviewed, your dentist will discuss the findings with you and together determine the personalized approach that will work best for you.  We’ll set up a regular care schedule, design a treatment plan if needed, and if you’re interested, discuss your cosmetic options.  We will work with you to help you achieve your desired goals for great oral health and a beautiful smile! 


In many cases, you will be able to have your teeth cleaned at your first visit. However, if gum disease is discovered during your checkup, we may recommend a return visit for specialized periodontal therapy. When you see your hygienist, please take advantage of this appointment by asking any questions you have about homecare. Your hygienist is an expert at patient education and will happily give you all the help you need to take the best care of your smile.

Your New Dental Home

At Gifford Family Dentistry, we want to ensure you leave our office with your questions asked and answered. From insurance to treatment options to future-care questions, we will give you clear answers to help you make the best decisions for you and your family’s personal situation. If you have any questions before (or after) your appointment, please give us a call. Our first priority is meeting your needs, and we’re only a phone call away!