Get An Accurate Diagnosis With Digital X-Rays

At Gifford Family Dentistry in Portland, we use digital X-rays to help gain a more accurate look at our patients’ oral health condition.

If you suspect you have a developing issue or it’s been six months or more since your last recare appointment, we invite you to call us today for a thorough examination!

What happens during an X-ray examination?

Using a small sensor device that’s placed in your mouth, we’ll quickly and painlessly capture one or more images of your teeth and their surrounding structures. The image(s) will then be displayed on a computer screen and reviewed by our dentist.

What benefits do these X-rays offer?

Because images are available almost instantaneously, this enables your doctor to make an accurate diagnosis in a short amount of time. Digital X-rays also emit less radiation than traditional film X-rays, providing a safer experience for our patients, and the experience is usually painless, and this diagnostic tool is better for the environment, since it doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals for photo development.

Is everyone a candidate for digital X-rays?

Yes! Having your smile regularly examined with this technology helps ensure that dental issues such as decay and failing restorations are detected and treated before they become serious. They can also evaluate a patient’s bone density levels, identify impacted teeth, and more.

If you are looking for an experienced team to examine and protect your smile with digital X-rays, contact Gifford Family Dentistry today. Our team is here to help!


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